Football Betting Made Easy



“This is a great read for anyone looking for REAL sports betting strategy. The wagering logic is sound. The stories are very entertaining and do a brilliant job of weaving actual events into great betting advice.” (Bradley Taylor,

“John has a way of humanizing the wagering and sports industry. Highly recommended to increase your earnings as long as ‘You wager legally and report your profits.'” (Morton Kafrissen, former executive with The Internal Revenue Service)

“Astute takes from a proven professional! Reading this book WILL increase your odds of winning!” (Kevin West,, One of the internet’s leading providers of free sports-wagering information)

“Pertinent for the novice or the experienced gambler. Relevant personal anecdotes make it fun to read. The basic principles of gambling are elucidated in a way that are profound, yet easy to understand.” (Dr. Alan Heine, University of Pennsylvania Medical School)

“Easy to read and entertaining, without being overly complicated.” (Dr. Dan Goldberg, Ph.D. in Materials Science)


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