Betting on Major League Baseball The Underdog Method



The results using The Underdog Method, for the 2015 playoffs were impressive. All games were handicapped, both the American and National League games as well as the World Series.

The Results:

There were a total of 26 bets
There was an average price of +141.9 for all 26 wagers
13 wins and 13 losses
Return on flat bet wagering was 19.81%

The essence of any good baseball handicapping system is to find games to bet on that will result in long-term profits. In other words, finding overlays. The Underdog Method uses an approach to not only find these good bets, but does so by creating a money line that can be compared to the one offered by sports books.

Author and sports gambler, Ken Osterman, explains this system in an easy-to-understand way, and then uses an entire day of baseball games as examples. Each game is handicapped per the rules of the Underdog Method, and then a betting line is created. This line is compared to a specific sports book’s money line. It is then decided, based upon specific rules, whether a good bet exists or not.

Although demonstrating the effectiveness of any betting system is limited in a book, the approach to Major League Baseball betting using the Underdog System is significantly different than the simple angles and methods seen elsewhere.


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