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Some things about bestbookscout.com 

We wanted to let you know why customers have been trusting to buy sportsbooks from bestbookscout since 1986. What makes us different to many of those big brick and mortar book shops?  What even makes us different to the likes of Amazon and some of the other online sportsbook websites out there?

We have prepared some key points.  We hope you find them useful and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

We Accept Customers From All US States!

Great news! We are now accepting customers from all US states. If you wish to purchase our sports books, we can ship to all states starting this November 2014! We ship Mondays-Fridays except holidays.

Our Sportsbooks are Rated and Reviewed by Top Sports Experts 

We have been selling the top sports books online and offline since 1986. Our books are carefully selected and we review each one carefully to provide the best quality sportsbooks to our visitors.

We are 100% Legal and Provide Safe and Secure Payment Processing. 

We have a true physical store and a wide selection of inventory. We screen potential buyers beforehand, as some of our sports books have high resale values and are regarded as collector items.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards Like Visa and MasterCard 

Contact us first for availability if you wish to purchase our collector books or some of our new sportsbooks. If you wish to pay via other payment methods (such as bitcoin BTC or other crypto currencies), you may contact us so we can assist you.

The Best Big Bonus Upon Deposit 

Good news sports fans! We give 50% max bonus to anyone who have orders exceeding a total of $1,000. This is a 50% discount to the total amount of your purchase. Upon payment/deposit, we will automatically deduct 50% from the total if it exceeds $1,000. 

Disclaimer for Online Sports Betting Enthusiasts: 

Some users may have mistaken our site as a sports betting or sports gambling website because the site caters to sports fans which happen to be interested in betting online as well. Sportsbooks and Sports Books are very similar on their spelling, but totally different in their meaning.

If you are searching for the best sports betting websites, we are sorry to inform you that we do not promote sports betting online nor do we have links that go to top betting sites.

We only cater and serve people interested in buying sports books online.